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Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce, EC) is thoroughly changing business models of organizations (governments, corporations, and communities) and individuals the way of living and working. However, the major success will accrue to those companies that are willing to transform their organizations and business processes, which is the scope of e-Business. An Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) provides real time information and integrated applications to knowledge workers, employees, customers, business partners and the general public as well. Effective applications of EIP facilitate high quality strategic decisions. That is, an EIP can enhance an organization’s productivity, improve the collaboration to facilitate E-Commerce and gain competitive advantages. However, the EIP solutions are usually too expensive to small businesses. With Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) approach, this paper presents an economic way to design a low-cost EIP that leverages existing systems. Moreover, a prototype is implemented to show the feasibility.

For the external data access, the web mining technology is utilized to mine some relevant and valuable web contents from the Internet and put these contents into the document warehouse. By combining the textual information inside the document warehouse and the numeric data from the data warehouse, competitive advantages can be provided over those who work with just the numbers.