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This study examined the relationship between perceived organizational justice and two individual differences, namely, (i) within-culture collectivism and (ii) Machiavellianism. In addition, this study also examined the influence of perceived organizational justice on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Previous research suggests that individual differences influence perceived organizational justice, which in turn have an effect on subsequent behaviors. However, much of the research was done in the western context. The present research seeks to examine the generalizability of findings based on the western context by investigating the relationships among within-culture collectivism, Machiavellianism, perceived organizational justice and OCB in a non-western context, specifically, among a group of employees from People’s Republic of China. Results suggested that within-culture collectivism and Machiavellianism were significantly associated with perceived organizational justice. Consistent with previous research, perceived organizational justice was positively related to OCB. Implications of the study were discussed