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While the computer network is very popular in many applications, anything is always electronically rebuilt to pursue higher value. This is an era of information technology, computers and networks are linked together to reform the society, all fields of business administration are generally reengineering through the adoption of information and technology. One of the new requirements is the bid system operated in Internets. Because the huge cost and inconvenience in managing paper-based bid system, e-bid system is then required. A research team of professors is formed and get the grant from National Science Council (NSC) to design and implement the e-bid system for three years. The objective is to develop an e-bid system with features of fairness, justice and opening. This paper explains overall design of the e-bid system; all tasks in development of e-bid system are partitioned to five subprojects. The functions of interfaces and communications are in charge by us, we have the primary concern to design and implement an easy and friendly operational interfaces and secure communications for external users. With three basic characteristics of the proposed e-bid system, we hope that the proposed e-bid system may be applicable for all governmental procurements.