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People recognize and express their expertise in several ways. In one way, workers can build personal profile to list their expertise. They recall their working experience and write some keyword terms in their personal profiles. In the other way, workers can build expertise in extracting from any documents they provided that includes studying documents, working documents or published papers. We want to know how the workers in the computer software corporation recognize and identify their expertise and explore the heuristics in identification of the expertise. We made an experiment comprised the above methods and invited 25 persons in a computer software corporation to participate and explore how they identify their expertise. During the experiment process, we found that (1) for most people, it’s hard to tell what expertise they completely have without any hint; (2) except these two ways, researchers or practitioners must innovate other methods to identify or elicit human’s expertise; (3) expertise in particular domain is rather than single term, but also multiple complex and related term sets; (4) expertise would be different with different audiences.