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Businesses make life possible and ‘E’ makes businesses possible. Lots of views have been posted over period of years about the success and failure of E-Businesses. This paper initializes the need of ‘E’ism in businesses quoting examples from a host of industries. It relates and compares it to conventional business lines. Need of E-Businesses is re-emphasized via survey findings. Paper also routes through various stages of E-Business from need identification, business models, marinating growth, innovating, focus areas and succeeding. At every stage various examples and learning have been taken from industry performers. Focus of the paper is about being there to grow in highs and lows of E-Business and sustaining uncertainties. Paper would make it’s objective clear in terms of answering key questions related to any businessWhat, How, Why, When and Where. Technology as a tool has been positioned as an enabler rather than product in itself. Need of successful business models have been reemphasized in the findings.

‘E-Businesses- Crossing the Dotted Line’, is an attempt to look in future and estimating the need of technology and also succeeding it. E-Business is a sure success whatever way we look at it. Time is a factor that makes us jittery and not results. Profits is a factor of sustaining growth and not just coming out with an excellent idea.