In this paper, the dynamic nature of FAT32 file system is presented. The paper highlights the significant similarities and differences of various file systems used in storage media today. It reappraises the FAT32 File System and Techniques as a reliable file system to be used in storage media in the developing countries with erratic power supply. The File System used in a storage media is the foundation on which the operating system will be installed and subsequent programs and the Decision Support System (DSS), thus the foundation must be solid to provide the needed data and information storage security. FAT32 file system could offer such confidence. The data recovery capacities and compatibilities of FAT32 file system is enormous comparing with other file systems, especially in the developing countries where uninterrupted electricity supply is still hoped for. This paper concludes with the recommendations on the use of FAT32 file systems for better performance in designing and implementing of enterprise-wide Decision support system.