Sustainability is a commitment to a new way of commissioning business activities that addresses balanced prosperity of social, economic and environmental dimensions of businesses. A sustainable business model is a roadmap for achieving sustainability and deals with the issues and dynamic relationships of sustainable dimensions of the businesses. A decision-making system that purports to support this sustainability commitment should facilitate development of sustainable business strategies, and translation of existing business operations into sustainable business processes. The system should also enable us capturing and managing sustainability related data for supporting the strategy development processes, business process reengineering processes and sustainability reporting processes. To achieve this goal we need a sustainable modelling and reporting framework that encapsulates different modelling processes e.g. decision support modelling, systems dynamics modelling, scenario modelling, simulation modelling, business process modelling, data modelling, and information modelling within a single framework. However, currently available sustainability modelling and reporting frameworks are neither integrated nor exhaustively backed by tools and technologies to support the sustainable business requirements; they also do not support the complete life cycle of a business transformation process. Therefore, businesses are facing increasing difficulty to develop, integrate and apply sustainable strategies and operations into their core business systems. This paper proposes a generic domain independent sustainability modelling and reporting framework that integrates various modelling processes for developing sustainable business models and sustainability reports. The framework encapsulates the sustainability models, modelling and reporting processes and aligns with the sustainable business framework.