While decolonialization of knowledge production is not a new concern, the debate in ICT4D has gained traction following a growing attention to the issue in ICT4D journals and conferences. This paper aims to contribute to this debate by analyzing underrepresentation of Global South - based scholars in ICT4D research output. The study aspires to provide a foundation for critical self-examination of our research practices. The study is a literature review of papers published in the top three ICT4D journals and ICT4D papers published in the top IS journals over 10 years (2011-2020). The findings show that most of the papers are published from authors in countries ranked as very high- or high development with a significant lower representation of authors from countries ranked as low development. Moreover, there is, despite the field’s acknowledgement of the concern, no substantial improvement over the studied time period. While we do not argue that we have a solution for the continuation of historical patterns of underrepresentation of colleagues based in the Global South, we end the paper with offering some suggestions on how to move forward.