The purpose of this research is to derive principles for conducting critical research using postcolonial theory in information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) studies. While information systems research focusing on development in underserved, rural and remote communities has been growing, too little focus is placed on the pervasive and powerful postcolonial context that hampers progress in the impacted regions. This research contends that more critical research will help examine the assumptions and contexts that ICTs are deployed, adopted and used in developing countries, particularly those impacted by colonialism. Critical research in ICT4D studies positions information systems beyond merely being tools for immediate organizational efficiencies but as an emancipatory mechanism for the marginalized against structures of disempowerment. Postcolonial theory is a macro critical theory concerned with the historical asymmetric power relations due to colonialism, therefore, its application as a theoretical lens in ICT4D studies will enable the field to better explain the continuing multi-dimensional developmental implications of colonialism.