For three decades of research and practice, Strategic Information Systems Planning and Business Network Strategy Planning live apart together. The view of evaluating SISP effectiveness has matured and the evaluation models are validated and well studied. Networks have been increasing and every large organization is involved in several alliances. But still an important change has been left unattended, that is the introduction of information strategy in networks. Still, many organizations continue to use planning as a way to support their decision-making internally without co-operating with their business partners.

The evaluation studies of SISP are mainly quantitative and qualitative studies are rare. This study used the internal dimensions and criteria as basis for conducting a qualitative evaluation of SISP in two case studies in professional organizations, one single organization case and one inter organizational case. The results of the first case confirm that the validated criteria provide a good basis for overall evaluation of SISP internally. In addition to the internal theory based evaluation, also an inter-organizational exploration was done to explore the differences and the new evaluation criteria needed. The result is a conceptual interview framework to be tested in practice.

An earlier full version of this paper was accepted and presented at ECIS 2007 in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.