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This literature review extends the dominant view of Information Systems (IS) as socio-technical. We establish a novel view of IS as socio-ecological-technical systems to steer and unite IS research and scholarship to co-create digitally transformed sustainable futures. Without a commitment to reducing carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e), we will reach a tipping point leading to large-scale, dangerous, and irreversible impacts on climate, human liveability, and survivability. Digital technology can potentially mediate human activities to reduce CO2e, but its production, utilisation, and disposal are multiple sources of CO2e. In response to the conference theme “Co-creating Sustainable Digital Futures”, this paper systematically reviews the IS research over the last twelve years from the socioecological- technical and Environmentally Sustainable Digital Transformation frameworks, with a focus on CO2e. Our holistic approach reveals emerging themes, current gaps and research opportunities, thus contributing to IS knowledge building and proposing future studies in this socio-ecological-technical domain.