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Previous studies of user experiences with Conversational Agents (CAs) have often focused on specific use cases and evaluated usability and user expectations. Investigations of users’ emotional responses and on the value implications created by CAs have remained rare. We present a qualitative study with 30 participants, using a novel approach of observation that explores emotional responses to the underlying values elicited or harmed by the CA. Particularly, we report on the emotional responses to 37 unique values, which are involved when users perceive and interact with CAs or consider the social implications of CA usage. We found that harms of artefact-based values often continuously provoke anger and frustration. In contrast, our findings indicate that technology is particularly joyful when it fosters human values outside of central functionalities, such as community, autonomy, friendship, playfulness and humour. Manifestations of such person-based values can sustainably foster users’ personal growth, self-confidence and social relationships.



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