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Cryptoeconomic systems derive their power but can not be controlled by the underlying software systems and the rules they enshrine. This adds a level of complexity to the software design process. At the same time, such systems, when designed with human values in mind, offer new approaches to tackle sustainability challenges, that are plagued by commons dilemmas and negative external effects caused by a one-dimensional monetary system. This paper proposes a design science research methodology with value-sensitive design methods to derive design principles for a value-sensitive socio-ecological cryptoeconomic system that incentivizes actions toward sustainability via multi-dimensional token incentives. These design principles are implemented in a software that is validated in user studies that demonstrate its relevance, usability and impact. Our findings provide new insights on designing cryptoeconomic systems. Moreover, the identified design principles for a value-sensitive socio-ecological financial system indicate opportunities for new research directions and business innovations.



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