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IoT generates an enormous amount of data during their operation, which can be analysed and interpreted to discover useful knowledge and ultimately to support or make decisions. Smart service systems constitute networks of multiple actors that co-create value based on this potential of IoT. The intention to adopt IoT is positively related to the willingness of the actors to co-create. As smart service systems are embedded in an overarching social system, the socio-economic context significantly influences this willingness to co-create. In this article, we argue that this systemic perception of value co-creation is an alternative approach to study IT adoption by broadening the focus to all actors involved and to the macro context. We collected interview and secondary data from six firms that offer or participate in IoT applications in Mexico. We identified several factors that motivate and inhibit the company's willingness to co-create. Our study extends research on smart service systems design and provides empirical data of a specific socio-economic context.



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