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Social networking services (SNS) have become one of the most popular Internet services globally. Yet, there is also a dark side to SNS use that threatens users’ well-being. Recently, the constant growth in SNS users is diminishing and users are deciding to discontinue using SNS. Thus, research has started to explore the reasons behind discontinuance behavior from a technostress perspective. Nonetheless, there is a call for research and mechanisms explaining why some individuals continue their SNS use (compared to individuals who discontinue) in similar perceived technostress situations – especially regarding individual personality traits. As such, users’ resilience (one’s ability to bounce back and positively adapt) has been chosen as a promising area for our longitudinal research project. Through an initial two-wave study of 403 SNS users in two European countries, the preliminary results show mitigating effects of users’ resilience in SNS-induced stress processes. An outlook on the upcoming waves is provided.



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