The conference theme of ECIS 2021 is Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World. After migrants facing environmental, political and economic disasters, the current pandemic is highlighting that crisis can affect all countries and people of all conditions. Digital technologies are often presented as at least part of the solution for helping to drive towards a sustainable and inclusive future. Yet at the same time, digital technologies have also been identified as a threat to our freedoms (e.g., in relation to our privacy), to fairness (e.g., with the digital divide decreasing the economic opportunities for some, and with robotization causing unemployment levels for others), and to community (e.g., with social media reducing face-to-face relationships between people even while online connections may be increasing).

Conference Co-Chairs
Frantz Rowe, University of Nantes and SKEMA Business School, France
Redouane El Amrani, Audencia Business School, France
Moez Limayem, University of South Florida, Muma College of Business, USA

Program Co-Chairs
Sabine Matook, The University of Queensland, Australia
Christopher Rosenkranz, University of Cologne, Germany
Edgar Whitley, London School of Economics, UK

Organizing Chair
Ali El Quammah, HEM Business School, Morocco

ECIS 2021 ISBN: 978-1-7336325-6-0


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