In this research-in-progress paper, we present findings from the diagnosing phase of a Canonical Action Research endeavour, together with the Swedish public transport industry. In our investigation, we found that the Swedish public transport industry historically has been able to create substantial value from taking a peripheral position in existing digital ecosystems. Also, we found several types of digital ecosystems that potentially would create future value, using open data from the public transport industry. These ecosystem types are incumbent digital platforms, open source software frameworks, and multi-provider open data ecosystems. This finding is novel to current discussions, as our results point to the paradoxical necessity of taking a more peripheral position towards these nascent digital ecosystems in order to harness their value. This finding implies a need for data providers to develop capabilities that enable such ecosystem participation. Our emerging results suggest that such capabilities include complementary resources, input control compliance, IP waivers, open community practices adoption, and open data boundary-spanners.