Digital Transformation (DT) affects whole enterprises and is expected to drive a disruptive change in the way people work. Digital technologies leverage changes from simple tasks to the enterprise-wide strategy. Enterprises expect major benefits from investments in DT. However, digital transformation is a complex process and hence difficult to understand. Many different use scenarios exist so that decisions about the adoption of technologies are challenging. Therefore, it is critical to understand which benefits might be achieved with DT. With our research, we contribute to the understanding of digital transformation success. We develop and evaluate a framework that covers the main dimensions of digital transformation success. Literature from IS success and DT research is used to identify these dimensions. To evaluate this framework, we use data gained in a qualitative approach. We combine findings from a literature research with qualitative results to offer deeper insights into peoples' understanding of what shapes the success. The framework is useful to classify benefits achieved by DT and to point out new possibilities of gaining success with DT.