In this conceptual paper, we propose crowdsourcing for opportunity creation as a new field of further research in both in the information systems and entrepreneurship domain. Building on previous research on entrepreneurial opportunity creation, we elaborate on the benefits of em-ploying a crowdsourcing approach in order to reduce uncertainty and iteratively develop an op-portunity into a new venture. Based on this assessment we develop a research agenda that high-lights the need to adapt previous crowdsourcing mechanisms for the special context of entrepre-neurial opportunity creation. In doings so, we expand research of crowdsourcing to the field of entrepreneurship by extending the principles of crowdsourcing for innovation for entrepreneuri-al opportunity creation. Further, by highlighting the requirements of crowdsourcing for oppor-tunity creation, we point towards potential future research issues. Such research should examine novel participation architectures that enable the iterative co-creation of an opportunity through different maturity stages, thereby overcoming the limitations of previous crowdsourcing efforts that rather focus on the generation of novel ideas than its evolution. Finally, we propose crowdsourcing as a practical way for entrepreneurs to validate their assumptions about their op-portunity, thereby achieving fast and early product-market fit.