Big data has seen an explosion in interest from private and public organizations over the last few years. Researchers and practitioners have delved into examining the shifts that these technologies en-tail and their overall business value. In this study we draw on the resource-based view and on recent literature on big data analytics, and address the interplay between BDACs and information governance in shaping innovative capabilities. We theoretically develop the idea that BDAC’s help enhance inno-vative capabilities, and that information governance strengthens this relationship. To test our proposed research model, we used survey data from 175 chief information officers and IT managers. By employ-ing partial least squares structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM), results confirm our assumptions regarding the positive effect that BDACs have on both incremental and radical innovative capability. We also show that the value of BDAC’s on radical innovative capability is amplified in the presence of strong information governance, which also has a direct impact of BDAC’s. Finally, implications for research and practice are discussed.



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