The need for improved quality of healthcare has led to transforming ways in which healthcare is delivered. The role of information technology (IT) in the transformation is moving towards active participation of patients in healthcare. Active participation of patients in healthcare aligns with the service dominant (S-D) logic in which customers are co-creators of value. Technology has been identified as a key driver for value co-creation however the question of how technology can drive value co-creation in healthcare has not been fully explored. This exploratory study investigates ways in which IT has supported value co-creation in maternal healthcare ecosystem. The study was conducted in Gothenburg Sweden in which mixed research methods were used. Interviews were held with midwife healthcare managers and IT managers, a survey questionnaire was sent out to all midwives in Gothenburg. Results were analyzed using S-D logic value co-creation model. Overall findings show that technology has been used as an operant and operand resource to support value co-creation but mainly for healthcare professionals. Practices are identified on how technology has been used in maternal healthcare. Further investigations on how IT can support pregnant women to actively participate in maternal healthcare especially as an operant resource are suggested.



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