Cross-border e-commerce has become an important channel for promoting international trade. Yet, the factors influencing buyer behavior in cross-border e-commerce have received relatively less research attention than in domestic e-commerce settings. In this paper we draw on the valence framework to develop and test a research model of buyer repeat purchase intentions in cross-border e-commerce. We hypothesized the effects of positive valences (value, monetary saving, convenience and product offerings) along with negative valences (product and transaction-based uncertainties) on repeat purchase intention. Data was collected from users of a popular cross-border e-commerce provider in China. Results (n=169) revealed that positive valences exert the strongest effects on repeat purchase intention, but negative valences are also significant. These include product-based uncertainties and transaction-based uncertainties. Our model explained 69% of the variance in repeat purchase intentions in a cross-border e-commerce platform. Results enhance our understanding of cross-border e-commerce and have important implications for online providers competing in international markets.

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