Whilst contemporary information technology (IT) fosters ongoing connectivity and offers organisational advantages, it can also create unintended outcomes due to task disruption. However, despite a strong interest of scholars and practitioners in IT-mediated interruptions, they are scarcely addressed in in-formation systems (IS) research, and our understanding about their nature and effects is limited. Further, there is a lack of a structured and systematic form in which IT-mediated interruptions can be classified and there is uncertainty regarding their boundary conditions and consequences. This article presents the results of a systematic literature review (SLR) on IT-mediated interruptions across varies disciplines. Reviewing identified 55 studies in leading journals and conferences, this article further synthesizes the various and fragmented findings on IT-mediated interruptions into an integrative theoretical framework along their boundary conditions, causes, manifestations, and consequences. Theoretically, our framework may serve as a foundational step to incorporate a broader theoretical perspective to integrate concepts and findings across literature. Practically, our integrative theoretical framework can be used as a reference guide for designing IT-mediated interruptions to achieve optimal user experience.

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