Over the last decade, increasing scholarly interest has been demonstrated by the exponential growth of published studies on the topic of Quantified-Self (QS). After 10 years of existence, it seems important to review the knowledge accumulated on QS in order to identify potential gaps and avenues for future research, especially in the IS field. We rely on a systematic literature review in the field of Information Systems with the approach recommended by Okoli and Schabram (2010). In addition, we use the paradigm funnel (Berthon et al., 2003) to structure our analysis. We find that the literature on QS covers three main domains. The technological domain has studied data mining, visualization and user behaviour. The medical domain has focused on the benefits of QS especially for health management and the social domain is more critical about the implications of QS in people’s life. Also, our analysis of the literature reveals a concentration of empirical and critical articles and few theoretical and methodological papers. Future research should fill in these gaps.

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