The importance of local communities for mothers has been well documented in the social literature. However local communities have changed significantly in the last decades due to a number of cultural factors, including women’s increased participation in paid workforce and increasing geographical distance between family members. As easily accessible, location independent substitutes of local communities, maternal virtual communities (VC) have evoked an increased interest in the recent years. A considerable amount of literature has been published on the factors affecting members’ participation behaviour in various types of VCs. However only limited research has focused on their specific form targeting mothers and future mothers as main audience. Subsequently, there is only limited understanding of what motivates especially mothers to actively participate in maternal social networks. Hence to fill this research gap, the primary goal of our planed research is to provide some understanding of the crucial factors that determine mothers’ participation behaviours in maternal VC environments. Integrating the Technology Acceptance Model and the Updated Virtual Community Model extended by two new social factors Maternal Identity and Maternal Role Attainment we propose a research that might contribute to the newly evolving research stream on maternal motivation to participate in VCs.

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