Over the last years, the number of students has constantly risen while the number of lecturers remained steady. To the consequence are large-scale classes with often hundreds of students. Large-scale classes have didactical challenges such as providing effective feedback for the students’ learning success. This is in particular problematic, since feedback belongs to the most influential factors for the student learn-ing success. In order to overcome the challenges of providing feedback in large-scale classes, we suggest using an IT-based solution we label digital formative learning assessment tool (DFLAT). In this research-in-progress paper, we will show the development of this tool by using the method of action design research (ADR). More precisely, we will concentrate on the first part from the requirements gathering to the alpha-version. In order to collect the requirements, we conducted expert interviews with lecturers and students and also derived requirements from scientific literature. Based on the requirements, we will define the key design elements of the first version of DFLAT. The next steps in our research are then the intervention and evaluation of our alpha-version in a large-scale lecture. With our completed research, we aim to contribute to literature by developing a theory of design and action for providing individualized feedback for students in large-scale classes.

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