This research presents an intelligent two way IoT (Internet of Things) architecture that uses IoT sensors and cloud-technology for data collection, monitoring and alerting strategies. This approach can enhance development of support systems which are useful for patients and aging individuals who want to remain in an independent living environment. Such an architecture can be used for early detection of anomalies and reduce medical costs. In this paper we present a technical architecture called SMMC - Sensors, Micro Controller, Machine to Machine Protocols and Cloud. The technical architecture proposed will firstly collect data from IoT sensors at the point of care. Secondly, the data collected by sensors is usually an analogue signal, this is processed by the micro controller. Thereafter the data is sent to the cloud, where clinical decision support algorithms can be applied to check for any clinically alarming anomalies in the data. Finally using machine to machine protocols can be used to activate sensors for feedback or alerts. We present this architecture along with a smart bed scenario, and describe further research in progress.

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