Individuals choice decisions between hedonic and media technologies have not been considered so far, even if the adoption of one media technology usually does not rule out the adoption of another technology. The consideration of choice behavior in the context of media technologies is beneficial for IS research, because it provides further insight in personal usage behavior. Content producers are currently left with-out theoretical models to explain regular decisions between media technologies. We thus focus in our study on the choice between different media technologies by starting with a validated model and extending it with the habitual use, because habits account for almost the half of media consumption. To analyze the effect strength of habits in the decision between multiple media technologies, we adopt a multi study analysis across two different pairs of fully substitutable media technology pairs. Both studies do not show a measureable impact of habitual usage of one technology on the usage of another technology, despite the statistical significance of the relationship in both studies. The effect sizes of those relationships are 0 in both cases. We conclude that that other determinants play an important role in the situational choices between multiple media technologies.