This paper presents a systematic review of real-time Business Intelligence (RTBI) literature through a grounded theory lens in five RTBI research areas: Presentation (of information), Analytics, Data Inte-gration, Processes, and Soft Factors. The main contribution of the paper is in the summary of meta-information, such as research methods and industry sectors, and in the synopsis of RTBI related re-search in these five research streams. Reviewing 138 articles in leading IS journals and conferences during the years 2000-2015, we found that the current top priorities of RTBI research focus on (a) the Analytics layer (36,2% of the identi-fied articles) which incorporates all challenges related to automated data analysis and (b) the Data Integration layer (32,1% of the identified articles), which covers all components necessary for secur-ing an appropriate data quality. Our findings indicate, that the dominance of these two research streams may marginalize the status of the Presentation layer and Soft Factors of RTBI. Future RTBI research may benefit from studies incorporating a broader theoretical perspective to integrate con-cepts and findings across all five research streams. Based on our analysis we derive eight promising research directions, which will provide scholars with a basis on how to pursue when designing future research.