Information Systems (IS) projects are creative processes implemented by teams. To succeed, such pro-jects require teams to perform at their best. One of the ways to tackle this challenge is to enhance the human resources potential through effective team leadership. Notwithstanding high-performing teams have been studied for some years, little has been written about leading teams to high performance in the case of information systems projects. Building upon Thamhain’s (2004) recommendations for leading teams effectively, the primary aim of this pilot study was to investigate how these recommen-dations are perceived and put to practice by IS students in their projects. Twenty eight teams of mas-ter’s students involved in the development of IS projects were invited and participated in the study. The preliminary results show that, in overall, students perceive all recommendations as important or very important for team performance. Surprisingly (or not), these recommendations are also being put to practice in their projects, what can be a very good indicator of their future professional perfor-mance working in teams.