The next generation in computing transcends the paradigm of traditional desktop and client-server ar-chitectures. IT products and solutions of the third platform, specifically in the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT) raise new security threats and vulnerabilities, suggesting that a set of competences is needed for any IoT product or service, regarding information security. The knowledge of that set of skills allows top managers to properly assess current organizational competences against future re-quirements, allowing proper business realignment. The paper at hand aims to contribute to the topic state of the art both at academic and practical level by developing a Competence-based Model for Securing the Internet of Things. The construction of the Model aims to define and develop organizational competence, specifically in the context of organiza-tions that are IoT service providers. The model, to be developed and empirically tested using the Design Science Paradigm, will be based on an existing model that defines competence from a strategic management perspective using Resource Based View theory, strategic management theory and the concept of collective mind as heedful interre-lating.