Industrial information systems record and store data about the status and use of the complex underly-ing production systems and processes. These data can be analyzed to improve existing, and innovate new products, processes, and services. This work focuses on a relatively unexplored area of industrial data analytics – understanding of end-user behaviors and their implications to the design, implemen-tation, training and servicing of industrial systems. We report the initial findings from a requirements gathering workshop conducted with industry participants to identify the expected opportunities and goals with logged usage data and related needs to support the aims. Our key contributions include a characterization of the types of data that need to be collected and visualized, how these data can be used to understand product usage, description of the business purposes the information can be used for, and experience goals to guide the development of a novel usage data analytics tool. Interesting future research direction could include the privacy issues related to using logged usage data when limited number of users are logged.