Enterprise architecture (EA) provides an integrated representation of an organization’s current and desirable future business capabilities, processes, systems, data and IT infrastructure. EA can interact with and enhance other organizational capabilities, including business transformation capabilities. De-spite significant interest and investment in EA, there is little understanding of how EA can augment other organizational capabilities. In this research in progress paper, we focus on the role of EA in augmenting a firm’s business transformation capability. We conceptualize a synergistic relationship between EA and a firm’s business transformation capability and the emergent EA-enabled business transformation capability. We propose a research model that uses synergy and EA-enabled business transformation capability to explain how transformation outcomes and organizational benefits can be enhanced using EA. We argue that EA capability can lead to the exploitation of existing resources by sharing and reuse of assets and exploration of new capabilities by reconfiguring and integrating re-sources. At an organizational level, EA can increase flexibility, agility and business-IT alignment. The model forms the basis for planned mixed method empirical work combining case studies and a survey.