The evolution of Information Technology (IT) stimulates several changes in citizen’s profiles and government openness. It generates new demands whose operationalization depends on IT solutions. Managing IT is no longer enough; it is necessary to go one step further in governance process. IT Governance (ITG) can support the organizational decision-making on its IT initiatives, increasing the alignment IT/business. The goal is to understand how ITG influences the behaviour of individuals within organizations. We selected Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) concept to analyse individuals’ voluntary commitment within an organization that is not part of their contractual tasks. Our premise is that ITG acts on the antecedents of the organizational citizenship behaviour such as job satisfaction and rewards perception. The research was conducted through a focus group made up of the members of an IT State Governance Committee in Brazil. Questions based on OCB were discussed in order to understand the behavioural changes expectations along the ITG mechanisms adoption. The preliminary results showed that citizenship behaviour could improve because of the ITG process. Based on the results, we proposed a preliminary conceptual model, which will be tested in the next steps through a survey research in all Brazilian states.