Previous studies have shown that - if both positions exist in a company - CDOs and CIOs tend to share their tasks and responsibilities and, accordingly, closely interact during the digital transfor-mation of their firms. How exactly this interaction looks like, however, has not yet been investigated in more detail. Our study aims at filling this gap by providing a better understanding of how CDOs and CIOs coordinate their tasks and responsibilities. We investigate how aspects such as a shared under-standing regarding the digital transformation of their firms and the existence of a transactive memory system (TMS) influence the CDO-CIO dyad. In order to generate in-depth insights into how CDOs and CIOs collaborate, we adopt a multiple case study approach across companies and industries and are currently in the process of data collection and analysis. Our emergent findings provide first insights into how a fruitful collaboration can look like. We believe that the final results of this study will offer firms guidance on specific actions they can take in order to positively influence the collaboration be-tween CDOs and CIOs during the digital transformation.