In the context of Business Process Management (BPM), organizations strive to develop their BPM ca-pabilitiy and to improve their individual business processes in an integrated manner. Planning models assist in selecting and ordering implementable BPM- and process-level projects maximizing the firm value, catering for the projects’ effects on process performance and for interactions among projects. To facilitate process managers for calculating scenarios of non-trivial complexity, the Value Based Process Project Portfolio Management (V3PM) tool has been developed. The V3PM tool is a stand-alone pro-gram that effectively and efficiently selects one project portfolio for which the net present value takes the highest value. It is designed to fulfil a twofold objective: the scientific perspective in terms of an adequate evaluation for existing design science research artefacts as well as the user’s point of view in terms of a first step towards a full-featured version for decision support in daily business operations. In this paper, we describe the application’s architecture focusing on the data management, the roadmap engine and the graphical user interface. Deeper insights into the functionality for creating and analyzing persistent problem sets highlight the strengths of the V3PM tool as well as its usefulness and practical applicability for decision support.