A rigorous and systematic search that uncovers relevant literature is a crucial part of any research project. However, finding literature in the information systems (IS) field is a complex, time-consuming and error-prone task. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the IS field, research contributions are published in a wide variety of outlets (i.e., journals and conference proceedings) from a diverse set of disciplines (e.g., computer sciences, economics, management, sociology, medical sciences). These outlets are dispersed over numerous literature databases, each with its own functionalities, peculiarities, and constraints. To address this issue, we developed LitSonar. LitSonar is a revolutionary meta-search engine for academic literature which consolidates search results from several literature databases. LitSonar aims to improve the quality of literature reviews by enhancing rigour and efficiency of literature searches. Following the design science research paradigm, LitSonar is developed with an incremental development approach consisting of multiple design cycles of artefact creation/refinement and qualitative/quantitative evaluation. In this prototype paper, we present the overall design objectives as well as implementation details of the current prototype. In doing so, this paper can help researchers in evaluating approaches towards developing novel solutions to improve efficiency and rigour of literature searches.