Organisations continue to invest substantially in enterprise systems with the planned expectations that \ employees will utilise these technologies to enhance organisational competitive advantages in a \ progressive global marketplace. However, researchers have found that the functional potential of \ many of these systems are underutilised and rarely infused into individuals’ work practices. Much of \ the literature on IS infusion has been done at the organisational level, with little attention paid on user \ characteristics and their intrinsic motivations. As such this paper proposes to examine the influence of \ individuals’ IT identity and IS infusion role identity on IS infusion. Identity theories are adopted to \ conceptualise a research model and investigate the relationships between these factors. A survey based \ study is proposed to empirically validate the research model, using partial least squares \ structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) techniques. In addition, we plan to conduct in-depth \ interviews with selected users to support results from PLS-SEM. The potential contribution of this \ study is to advance our understanding from a theoretical and practical perspective of why IS are \ infused by individuals in organisations.