IT devices connected to Internet, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, are commonly used in organizations. At the same time, organizational employees increasingly perform non-work related activities at work by using the IT resources, which is defined as personal Internet use (PIU) in workplace. Multiple models have been developed by previous studies to investigate why employees perform PIU. These studies consider all PIU activities as a uniform behavior. However, literature suggests that there are different types of PIU activities. Therefore, it is with limitations to consider PIU behavior and its antecedents uniformly for all activities, given that PIU behavior may differ significantly when bounded with the different activities. As a first step to close the gap, we examine separately the antecedents of three types of PIU activities: non-work related emailing activities, browsing activities, and online financial activities, to validate our hypothesis that the same antecedent does not explain all PIU activities. Our study contributes to research by demonstrating the necessity to separately examine different types of PIU activities when investigating why employees perform PIU.