Cloud computing (CC) as an emerging phenomenon promises multiple business-related advantages such as faster time to market, scalability, and lowered barriers to innovation. In order to achieve potential advantages from CC investments, firms must be able to utilize CC resources. Literature suggests that in order to gain advantages from IT, firms are required to possess a bundle of IT capabilities. However, until now it is not clear if these capabilities also apply for CC. Along prior IT capability research and studies on CC, this research, therefore, aims to deductively derive technical, human, and organizational capabilities related to CC. It is argued that these capabilities facilitate organizational CC usage. To test these propositions, quantitative research has been conducted among mid- sized ICT firms in Germany. The results demonstrate that especially capabilities of the organizational dimension, namely strategic thinking and planning, contribute to CC usage. In contrast, we found no effect of capabilities related to the human dimension (technical integration and sourcing skills of the IT staff) on CC usage. Interestingly, the flexibility of existing IT infrastructure is negatively related to the utilization of CC resources.