It is advantageous for companies to have an in-depth understanding of their business processes. To support companies in decision making, based on the properties of their business processes, a method was developed for the automatic analysis of business process models. A machine-readable representation of the model is parsed to extract several features. Based on a set of domain-specific business rules, a recommendation is generated. The method was validated by implementing it in a software program and applying it to the domain of product data storage. Several experts in that domain participated in a survey. From the three features tested in this study, the ‘data access frequency’ seems to be most useful. This feature could thus be reused in future applications of the method. The method could be helpful for companies that have many large, complex, dynamic business processes, and which would like to (dynamically) optimize product data storage. In addition, by replacing a set of domain-specific rules, the method may be applied to other domains where business process models need to be analyzed to support decision making.