Information Systems Discipline (ISD) is dominated by the two contrary paradigms of design science on the one hand and behavioral science on the other. Apart from that, research results are considered more or less relevant for practice depending on the respective paradigm. Conclusively, research communities following the paradigms are partly incompatible while, due to the notion of relevance for practice, the exchange between science and practice is hampered. Various “disconnects” hindering the collaboration both between design science and behavioral science and between science and practice emerged due to this. These aspects will be described and represented within a model-based analysis of the situation while suggestions from ISD literature on the topic will be presented and discussed. Considering that comparable challenges have recently been faced in the field of medicine, Evidence-based Medicine (EbM) emerged as a new paradigm to solve similar problems and is now well-established. We will present and discuss some attempts to transfer the evidence-based research approach from medicine and how they may apply to the equally application-oriented field of Information Systems.