There is growing interest amongst IS academics and scholars in studying the evolution of IS research. Scholarly literature published in top-ranking IS journals provide a pertinent source for this exploratory study. However, the list of journals selected for such a study should ideally be representative of publication outlets from different regions of the world. Thus, in the research on IS evolution presented in this paper, the authors’ selection of the two leading IS journals – EJIS and MISQ – is motivated by their conscious attempt to chart the evolution of IS research in both European and North American contexts. Towards this end, the paper employs co-citation analysis to identify prominent articles, authors and journals being referenced to by the citing EJIS and MISQ authors; it utilises extended citation data (e.g., keywords and article abstracts) to recognise frequently occurring noun phrases in the citing articles. The contribution of this paper is the methodological study of the evolution of IS research based on a comparative co-citation analysis of journals. The limitation of the paper is its underlying dataset that presently comprises of only two journals.