Usability of IT-systems is more than interaction quality - The need of communication and business process criteria


The design and evaluation of IT-systems are usually supported by different usability criteria. Our

hypothesis is that criteria are predominantly formulated as supporting interaction between a user and

an IT-system. We are claiming that there is a need for criteria formulated at higher levels such as

communication and business processes. One example of a criterion formulated at the interaction level

is “Visibility of system status” and one example of a criterion formulated at the business process level

is “Quality of work”. If criteria is formulated and used on the interaction level only, the impact on

design and evaluation can only take place at this level. This choice will also mean that you are only

able to speculate whether the IT-system is supporting higher levels. We are not saying that criteria

belonging to the interaction level are unimportant; rather we are saying that there is a need for

formulating complementing criteria that resides on the communication and business process level.

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