The significant others of subjective norm - A scientometric study of subjective norm in IS top-journals over two decades


Undoubtedly social influence in IS research is an issue that needs to be much more clearly examined.

In order to assuage the wants for more research in this field we conducted a scientometric analysis of

subjective norm in the IS top-journals of the JAIS ranking for the last two decades. In total 113

empirical and conceptual research models predominately in adoption research contained the factor

subjective norm. The results revealed that subjective norm is just in seven of ten models a significant

antecedent. To gain more knowledge about this problem we followed the ideas of social psychology

and marketing researchers and correlated the strength of the impact of subjective norm with its

measurement as well as the impact of intention with the impact on other endogenous variables. The

results show a significant negative correlation between the significant antecedent subjective norm and

its original measurement, the perceived opinion of important others. Furthermore it revealed a

significant negative correlation between the significant impact of subjective norm on intention and the

significant impact on other endogenous variables.

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