Sources of IT dynamic capability in the context of data genesis capability


Dynamic Capabilities are often considered as the factor justifying the different degrees of success of

organizations in turbulent environment. However Dynamic Capability development remains a difficult

issue to research, with a paucity of work directly addressing this question, despite its importance. The

explanation of the sources of Dynamic Capabilities would give organizations the instruments to

rationally improve their chance of success and to more likely sustain their competitive advantage.

We contribute to the emerging literature on Information Technology (IT) Dynamic Capability by

proposing a research framework grounded in the three sources of Dynamic Capabilities:

organizational processes, firm history and firm’s assets. Our model takes into consideration also the

moderating role played by environmental turbulence on Dynamic Capability and on process


In this contribution we lay the theoretical and methodological groundwork and we foresee the test of

the model using Data Genesis (DG) capability as the context. DG is the Dynamic Capability of (1)

choosing IT to unobtrusively generate and capture data in digital form, (2) integrating the technology

in the appropriate business processes, and (3) managing the digital data so captured.

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