Abstract: Information communication technologies (ICTs) have significantly revolutionized travel

industry in the last decade. With an increasing number of travel companies participating in the

Internet market, low price has become a minimum qualification to compete in the Internet market. As

a result, e-service quality is becoming even more critical for companies to retain and attract

customers in the digital age. This study focuses on e-service quality dimensions in the Internet market

with an empirical study on online travel service. The purpose of this study is to develop a scale to

evaluate e-service quality from the perspectives of both online companies and customers, which

provides fresh insight into the dimensions of e-service quality. The results in this study indicate that

trust from the perspective of customer and ease of use from the perspective of online company are the

most critical and important facets in customers’ perception of online travel service quality, while

reliability, system availability and responsiveness have influence on customer’s perception of online

travel service quality as well, but the influence is not so strong as that of trust and ease of use. Online

travel service companies should pay attention to the facets of reliability, system availability and

responsiveness while focusing on the facets of ease of use and trust in order to improve their online

travel service quality to customers.