The paper presents an approach for orchestrating validation of project results from different

perspectives by using visual modelling techniques. The context for the paper is the FP6 project

MAPPER. Validation in MAPPER covers economic, socio-technical and technical viewpoints. The

economic viewpoint mainly focuses on business value and coherence with business drivers like

reduced lifecycle time or increased flexibility. Sustainable collaboration for joint value creation of

various units in a networked organisation is the main aspect of the socio-technical viewpoint. From a

technical point of view, usability of IT-infrastructure and services is a key aspect. The MAPPER

Validation Framework includes and orchestrates approaches and methodologies from these three

viewpoints and defines the validation actions to be performed. The main contributions of the paper to

research in the field are (1) the structure of the MAPPER Validation Framework integrating different

validation perspectives, (2) experiences from using a visual modelling environment for framework

development and (3) experiences from orchestrating different validation perspectives.