Strategic information planning and its output, the information strategy, are relevant topics in practice as well as in research. However, current research provides neither a clear nor a consistent picture regarding the concept of information strategy. While unsatisfactory in itself, research in such a state probably also fails to provide practitioners with guidance in developing information strategies. Since practitioners nevertheless widely discuss about information strategy e.g. in practitioner magazines and conferences, the question arises how practitioners understand information strategy. In exploratory interviews, we confirmed a disconnection between research and practice and identified five types of information strategy concepts: Information strategy is understood as a binding guideline, a departmental plan, a change agenda, the market strategy of the IT department or as a set of business unit overarching IT issues. The value of analysing these concepts in practice lies in revealing reasons for the disconnection between research and reality as well as potentially providing a fresh impetus for information strategy research in order to eventually improve the discontenting state of research.