As online tourists are becoming more price sensitive, less brand loyal and more sophisticated, e- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes a strategic necessity for attracting and increasing guests’ patronage. Despite the vital role of eCRM for e-commerce success, its deployment frequently fails or it does not always deliver the expected results. The latter has boosted research, but studies have been primarily focused on investigating eCRM implementation from a company’s perspective ignoring its customer perspective. In this vein, the purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of eCRM on hotels’ website service quality as perceived by their guests. To achieve that, first the concept of eCRM is analysed and then, a customer-centric eCRM model that directly identifies eCRM impact on e-services is proposed and used for measuring hotels’ eCRM practices. Later, a literature review synthesizes the concept and dimensions of website service quality providing a scale of website service quality measurement. Data from eCRM hotels guests were gathered and findings provide useful implications for successful implementing eCRM and enhancing website service quality. Finally, the limitations of the study and directions for future research are discussed.